Repairing your hardwood floor is very important to maintaining the value and beauty of your home. At Expert Floor Sanding, we specialize in repairing all wooden floors and are dedicated to providing our customers with an efficient and cost-effective solution that will restore the beauty of your floor


Over time, hardwood floors can develop splits or cracks in the surface of the wood, gaps between the planks, buckling, warping, dents, and scratches that decrease the value of your home and can cause more significant problems if not repaired. No matter what the extent of the damage, Expert Floor Sanding is your best choice in the North West of the UK for a hardwood floor repair professional. In addition to repairing the damage for you, we can also determine the root of the problem and assess whether further action needs to be taken to prevent damage from occurring in the future


Chips,scratches and small levels of damage can be cosmetically repaired by filling, staining and disguising.

Removal / Replacement of Damaged Boards

Before we sand any floor, we do a full inspection of the floor. In particular we are looking for damaged and lose boards. All damaged boards will be replaced using reclaimed timber. We will endeavor to fit floorboards of the same quality and age where possible which is 95% of the time.
Fire hearth removal

There is nothing worse than a concrete slab on view next to a perfectly sanded floor.