What To-Floor Fitting And What To Ask Your Contractor

  1. What type of wood floor is most suitable for my home

Before getting your hardwood flooring fitted, it is advised to ask your contractor what type of wood would they recommend for the area you want it for. For example a contractor can advice what type of wood to be fitted depending on the daily wear and damage it might go through, such as hickory which is a harder option or bamboo which is more sustainable. As well as this they could advice a wood for the environment you live in, such as a high humidity area would need a hard wood floor that isn't affected by moisture.

​   2. What will be the anticipated installation time?

​When having hardwood floor fitted, a professional contractor should be able to provide a timeline of when each step will be being preformed, which will give an estimated time of finishing. These steps will include the measuring and fitting of the new hard wood flooring as well as the moving of surrounding furniture and also the removal of the old flooring (if the contractor provides this service).

   3. How unexpected issues or installation related problems will be handled?

With any job there is always a chance of unexpected issues or problems, even if there is a set plan in place to avoid any issues at all. It is important to ask whether your contractor is prepared to handle situations that will need quick action or that will delay the estimated finishing timeline, as well as the affect on costs.

   4. What is charged for the installation estimate?

When considering hardwood floor fitting, it is important to get an estimate before hiring a contractor to fit it. In most cases an estimate is free, however others charge a standard rate fee for the estimate. a free or charged estimate doesn't make a contractor better then the other so it is important you have chosen correctly and you know what is to be expected in the time of the fitting.


  5.What does the contractors flooring warranty include?

In most cases, contractors will offer at least a one year warranty, on the materials and labour, however some have more extensive and longer warranties. Before having the floor fitted make sure you know what is covered with your warranty, so there is no surprises if you are declined use of the warranty due to clauses or issues that are not covered.

  6. are they insured to install hardwood flooring?

It is essential to plan for the unexpected, to do this ensure the contractor you have selected is insured to cover all aspects of the job they are carrying out. They will need to have contractor insurance and have proof of this before starting work on your property.

  7.Are they a member of the National Wood Flooring Association?

A membership to the National Wood Flooring Association shows that the hired contractor is highly qualified and follows the correct industry guidelines when installing your wood flooring. Not all contractors will be a member of this association, however it generally shows a higher standard and commitment in the industry.

  8. Can they provide references?

when choosing a contractor, if you ever feel unsure request to see references, this will give you the opportunity to talk to previous clients about the contractors work to verify good work and commitment.