How To-Stain Hardwood Flooring

The James Nolan staining routine-

Step 1

Before applying any stain to your floor it is advised to sand it, this process reduces scratches which produces a smooth surface to work with for a better quality stain.

Step 2

Our next step is otherwise known as water popping, which is the process of raising the grain on the floor in order for it to accept the stain better. At home you can use a wet mop, once the area being stained has been wet leave for half an hour to dry and set.

Step 3

Once dried the floor will be ready for the stain. To apply the stain use a sponge or rag to go along with the grain of the wood with the stain. To achieve even coverage along your floor, make sure to continuously wring our excess stain from the sponge or rag. Once the stain is applied, after 5-10 minutes remove any excess with long, strong strokes, again going with the grain of the wood. The time you leave the stain on your floor before removing the excess, depends on how dark or light you wish your floor to be, for darker results leave on for as long as you feel necessary. Make sure to allow sulficent time for the stain to soak in and dry before walking on it.